Tuesday, June 8, 2010

totes magoats the reason for this blog.

i'm gunna get all philosophical-ly for a sec so bare with me...or just skip to the bottom, ya jerk..

i think that, for many, there is a predetermined path that is chosen for us waaay before we have the right to choose it ourselves. it's not the blame of our parents, or the blame of anyone for that matter. it's a good path, a really good path. it's just probably not questioned enough on an individual basis. what is it? i think it's the path that tells us to go play nice at daycare, grade school, high school, then college.. professional career, the dating scene, followed by playing suuuuper nice in marriage so that you can, finally (ahhh!) play nice with your children. the path says, "have babies and a career, nurture them, be selfish when you retire". quite frankly, the path freaks me out. a lot. it's freaked me out since i could remember. i wish i loved the path, and that's not to say that someday (maybe even a very soon day) i won't. all i know is that, for now, i'd like to take the path a little less traveled

..by now you're probably sick of hearing about "the path". well, guess what? i'm sick of typing "the path" so i promise it will not be a reoccurring theme of this blog..i am rarely philosophical or insightful..

anyhoo, if i've learned anything at all in the past 23 years, it's that very few things are certain. well i do know one thing for certain; i love, LOVE, to travel. so, now i finally start the trip/voyage/adventure i have looked forward to since the days of "where in the world is carmen san diego" (if you don't know the show, google it. it's truly a classic). this voyage begins with a 1 month class in samara, costa rica where i will be getting certified to teach english abroad. i'm not quite sure where it will lead me from there, maybe a year long teaching contract in central or south america? maybe europe? maybe somewhere in asia? we'll see. do i know how to teach? umm no, not really. however, i'm not enough of a hippy to just backpack all over the world without ever actually earning any money so lets hope this teaching stuff works out..

i leave this friday, june 11. if you'd like to travel with me, please do. this blog will just have to suffice for now, the airlines have pretty strict weight limits for checked baggage and i think my rain boots just put me over.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I'm so excited that I'll get to follow you around :) LOVE you lady. Have fun! Safe travels. ANNNNND I just noticed that you linked to my blog! You're the best :)

  2. you know it homes. love you too! love that you were my first comment too! you da you da best

  3. Ah, man, I wanted to be the first comment! Okay, gotta get a little sentimental . . . and maybe overuse that p**h word again. But, here goes . . . as much as I hate that your path is taking you so far away from home and from me, I love that your path is your own. And, while in some ways I'll worry about you every day - just because you're not in my line of vision - I have never really worried about you because I know your path is an honest one. Yes, Mom is reading your blog! I love you and I'm so very proud of you!!!
    xxoo Mom

  4. Hey Caitlin- Awesome blog! I love the headline, no where near.... That's hilarious. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures!