Tuesday, June 15, 2010

school, eat, pray, love

written on 6/14 but unable to post until today..

school started today and i met everyone else. they're all pretty awesome. the teachers are amazing, really. the building is quaint and charming and air conditioned (thank you God, thank you). the backdrop of tropical vegetation is gorgeous... this teaching english shit is not easy though. excuse my language but i have no other words for it right now. i'd really, really, really rather not elaborate on the subject since i just spent a full 9 hours devoting my whole mind and body to it.

after school, I realized that I was going to need to do something productive but totally mindless while I let my brain unravel. ill unpack.

i've had a slew of friends suggest that I read the book "eat, pray, love". I finally bought it a few months ago and brought it here with me but never thought i'd actually pick it up. I had totally forgotten about it until I unpacked it tonight. I decided to maybeee read the first couple pages... 50 pages later and I'm totally hooked. I feel like this lady, Elizabeth Gilbert, is kind of a kindred spirit. I realize that probably a lot of women identify with her (she's sold a million books so she must be relatable) but I seriously feel like I know her somehow...i think she might be the older version of what I was freaked out I'd become if I didn't go on this trip now. that might be it. anyway, I can tell I'm really going to love this book. so good job, friends, you totally pegged me!

after a while, a few of the other girls walked back to our house (we have the meeting house since we're so close and convenient to the school) and we went out for some authentic italian food from literally right next door. the owner was also our waiter. he's a really cute, sweet older man from bologna who's lived here for the past 10 years. he walked around with his pet squirrel named, "chop". it might have been the combination of the amazing food and the boggled mind but I think I loved him. he was awesome.

school will be fine. i'm not worried and I know it's just the first day. I'm learning in four weeks what many formal educators learn in four years. I've also found this world really helpful so far; "tranquillo". a janitor said that to me within the first hour of being here. I moved my bags out of his way as he mopped and I said to him "lo siento" (I'm sorry). he said, "tranquillo". I love it. it's not a harsh command like, "chill out" or "relax" or "don't worry". just tranquil. i've heard it a few times since then as well. I think i'll make it my new mantra. tranquillo.

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  1. Hey Baby Girl - Yep, Mom's still reading your blog. Wow, what over-the-top experiences your having. Crazy! Definitely gonna have to check out that book - maybe it will help me through moving adventures, too. So proud of you girl! Tranquillo - that sounds so lovely!

  2. So glad you're reading "Eat, Pray, Love." I told you you'd love it! It's soooo good. Glad you're having fun! School will be great :) Miss you, love you.

  3. I'm reading it too! Love it- I'm jealous! Keep up the updates. They always make me smile.