Tuesday, June 15, 2010

first impressions

written on 6/13 but unable to post until today.

After a few flight delays, crazy airline policies about extended stays outside of the U.S., and an insanely twisted 5 hour bus ride through the mountains and volcanoes, I am finally in samara!

this country is gorgeous. I keep having to look around for film crews because I feel like it's all just one big movie set. nerdy, I know, but totally true. There are no highways (correction: 1 highway but it's closed down due to mudslides) so it's all really small villages sporadically placed between miles of hill and mountainsides.

samara is really just awe.some. The horseshoe bay beach makes it feel very private and tiny. There are tourists here from all over the world but there aren't many (im talking maybeee 100 or less) and the locals definitely out weight us so it never feels commercial or forced at all. there are no chains or brand names, everything is mom and pop locally owed. The restaurants line the beach and the fruits, vegetables, and meats they serve are so fresh that you almost don't even recognize them. last night I had 5 or 6 fresh banana daiquiris, a big bottle of water, orange glazed chicken breast, roasted potatoes, and a mix steamed vegetables for a total (tip and tax included) of about $20. craziness. oh and absolutely no hangover this morning since there were no added sweeteners or chemicals. i wasn't an organic freak before but I think I will be now. the difference it makes on your body is really surprisingly noticeable.

just so you don't go on hating me, ill give you the downfalls so far:
-no air conditioning in my house. none. just a couple portable fans. yeah.
-speaking of my house; super grumpy landlord. its almost funny. she really just doesnt smile...ever...in a weird way i really just love her though.
-no hot water. no warm water. none. plenty of cold water though. yeah.
-very weak toilet, can't even put paper down it. yup. still jealous?
-rooster crowing, literally, right outside my window at 6 am. no, it's not just in the cartoons, it's in my face. however, I did manage to hit the window and scare him away. we also have a huge machete in our kitchen and if he keeps it up he might just have to meet it. not kidding. sorry rooster.
-lots of mosquitoes. im covered in OFF, even in bed.
-also lots of seemingly stray dogs and underfed horses, it's hard not to open up a big farm here and make them all my own.

feel better now as you read this in your jacuzzi with the air conditioning on 60F?

anyway, i've met 5 of the girls from my school so far and they're all totally awesome. our personalities compliment eachother really, really well from what i can tell. i think i could easily hang out with any one of them for a full month without even having the common interest of school. school...i almost forget why im here sometimes. school starts tomorrow, 10:30-7 every mon-fri. yeah bedtime it is. my head is sworming with a mix of spanglish right now so im sure my words haven't done this place any justice, ill let pictures pick up my slack...buenos noches.

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